Our next retreat, 27-29th November

Our next retreat is happening THIS WEEKEND! The beautiful Ridge Farm in Capel, Surrey, is where we’ll be. This idyllic location is set in the stunning Surrey Hills and has some great memories for me (more to follow on that!)As always, I will be posting our daily movements, activities and meals on here.

We have a special guest joining us this weekend aswell. The amazingly talented Sue Darling from TriYoga who trained with Iyengar himself will be with us for Saturday and Sunday. 

There is still room, so if you know anyone that would like to join us then please do get in touch or send them our info! 

Stay well and I hope you enjoy our updates 🙏🏻 


Our last day

It’s always a sad day for us all when the last day is upon us. But, our clients will go away rested and recharged after their week of wellness and yoga. And of course a very healthy dose of sunshine. 

We tend to have another nice relaxing day on the last day as most of our clients have early morning flights. So, we had our beautiful yoga class in the morning and evening. We like to take time to reflect over our days sent together and rally take the time to be thankful for everything that we have done.

Our clients all said what a beautiful and rested time they had with us and how they were going to go home with a firmer understanding of yoga and will also continue their practice, which to us is all we ask for.

Stay well, until next time.

Ella x 

Day 6 

Another glorious start to the day with a lovely and peaceful yoga class. The weather here in Javea is really quite warm so today our clients wanted a day by the sea. The breeze was lovely and that fresh sea air is always the perfect tonic.

After their day on the beach we did some calming and restorative yoga back at the villa. Followed by my superfood salad. Now, when I cook I have a tendency to just ‘throw everything in’ I don’t follow a recipe too much. I’m not sure whether that’s a good or a bad thing…?!


Ervyone had a guess as to how many ingredients were in it, even I got it wrong! 14, iceberg, romaine, radish, peas, avocado, broccoli, asparagus, fennel, onion, egg, pumpkin, sunflower seeds, tomatoes and chicory. I did a tahini, olive oil and lemon dressing. Super nutritious and super filling.

Last day tomorrow… 

Why are greens so good for us? And how exactly do they assist detoxification?

Garden of Grace

‘Eat your greens’…yeah yeah you know, your mums have repeated this phrase for generations on generations. You know they are healthy, but has anyone ever told you why?

Now that everyone has jumped on the kale band wagon (and some lucky kale farmers are finally bloody rich!) you may as well know the secret behind the green crazies.

Cruciferous vegetables from the brassica family actually assist in phase I and phase II detoxification pathways in your liver. Detox has become the latest fad word, but fad it is not! Detoxification is more than just a fancy word overused  in health magazines – your body detoxifies every single day through complex processes in your liver where metabolites and waste products are converted to soluble forms, transformed, and then excreted. And that’s right, sulphur containing cruciferous vegetables such as: broccoli, cauliflower, kale, and cabbage increase enzyme production and upregulate these pathways! A…

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Day 5

it quite literally is paradise here! We all wake up and say to each other ‘how glorious’ and that in itself is such a great way to start the day. The feeling of gratitude.

Our yoga practice was simply idyllic as the temperature was perfect with a slight breeze which is always a bonus here. Francesca got us all into some more advanced moves for those who wanted to try as well, which was great.

We also offer therapies at our retreats and some of our clients wanted to benefit from these today. Our Arvigo and Rosen Method have proved very popular and we look forward to sharing these amazing therapies with our clients.

After a rest we settled down for some dinner which had a Mexican feel to it! We had black bean burgers, salsa, avocado dip, mango salsa and a sweet corn and courgette spicy salad! It seem to go down very well with everyone having seconds!

As it is fiesta time here in Spain, San Juan, we decided to take our clients into the old town of Javea to experience the old traditions that are kept very much alive. The singing and dancing floats paraded past us and we covered in confetti and sweets by the end of it!

Another fantastic day and night!

Until tomorrow…

Day 4

Our clients are really starting to relax now and really getting into the flow of their yoga practice, which is great to see. We often get asked ‘I’ve never done yoga before, can I still come?’ We have two clients on this retreat who have never done yoga before and others that have and we find that the mix works well as yoga really is for everyone. No matter how long you’ve been praticing for.


Another beautiful morning yoga class by the sea. It’s really is paradise here and we all feel so blessed to have this as our yoga space. After yoga we always come back to the retreat and have a brunch, this mornings was a beautiful selection of fruits and seeds and my fav overnight oats.

Our clients had booked day trips out so we sent the pm on their merry way with fruit salads and pop rotten balls and we bid them a beautiful day.

Until tomorrow…


Day 3

Another glorious day here in our little piece of paradise. A beautiful class by the sea to start the day. All our clients took full advantage of the weather and took a day to themselves to spend by the beach and also exploring the local area.

My domain is the kitchen! As our retreats are vegetarian, wheat free and sugar free I tend to cook a lot of Lebanese food. I also talk our clients though everything and also offer my recipes for them to take away. 

I made some chunky hummus, falafels, vegetable cous cous, baba ghanoush, tabbouleh and some tahini sauce. I love to serve this feast with iceberg lettuce as I tend to use them instead of flour wraps. They’re lighter for you and of course, better for you!

Another lovely had by all.